The Second Round of our National Event Starts Soon! 

The biggest Erasmus Event in Germany will take place from November 17th till November 19th. Around 800 participants are expected in the capital city on the upcoming weekend. 




Focus of this event is getting to know Berlin as part of the #CityExplorer. While competing in a scavenger hunt, the Erasmus students will explore all different facades of the city. Again top of the list is the Bundestag, which required a huge amount of preparation for such a big group. On Friday evening, the networking starts in the Club Spindler & Matt. Participants wearing an event ribbon will have free entry but, from 11 pm on, the club will open its doors for everyone.

A special highlight will be the flag parade on Saturday, which gives participants the chance to walk along the streets while carrying the flags of their countries, international flags and being accompanied by music. The topic of this year’s parade is #30JahreErasmus, since we are celebrating 30 years of European education programmes. The parade is going to end at the Mauerpark, where the group will be hedged, symbolising the borders exciting in our world. After a speech of our Education Officer, the fences will be torn down to symbolise the unity of Europe without borders.

This day ends in the Club E4, where interculturality can be celebrated with a Berliner Weiße. Again there will be no entry fee for participants.

Find more information on Spree Break Facebook Page or the official Instagram Account (@esnspreebreak).