ESN Germany proudly introduces its very own #SocialMobilityWeek!




A week created based on your wishes and suitable for the German times of the semester of most universities. Our SocialMobilityWeek gives you the chance to prove your creative and organisational skills for SocialErasmus, Mov’in Europe and ExchangeAbility events.

It offers you to be active in the area which suits your section best or to organise events for all of them in the same week. It is up to you how active you would like to be. We are happy to announce there is going to be a SocialMobilityWeek Award, so try your best to show how amazing your section is in terms of SocialMobility.

Plan an event, invite internationals, ESNer and everyone who could be interested, register it and send your pictures to pr (at)!




When? 29th of May till 4th of June

Where? Everywhere in Germany. Be part of it!

In addition, the theme of the SocialMobilityWeek 2017 will be “#Erasmus30”. With every organised event, you also have the opportunity to celebrate 30 years of the Erasmus programme.

Be social, support mobility, and make the world a better place one step at a time.