We at ESN Germany are dedicated to offering you the best ERASMUS experience we can. To continuously improve our program – evaluation is key. Therefore, this year we have partnered with social scientists from the University of Cambridge, UK for a joint online assessment to better understand how you experience your time in Germany.

To provide us with some feedback on your well-being and cultural adjustment you will be answering a short battery of questions at four times ranging from shortly before you arrive to a few weeks after you will have returned to your home country.


Please click on the link below to get started with the first assessment and help us to help you and those who follow you to have an unforgettable time abroad. After all, that’s what the spirit of ERASMUS is all about.

Start the survey

PS: Whichever of the 35 participating ESN Germany sections gets the most students to complete all four assessments is in for a 500€ reward. So go out there and make your ERASMUS friends and hosts proud!