ESN Alumni Deutschland e.V. is an association for ESN alumni by ESN alumni that aims to help former ESN members maintain their connection to ESN.

Twenty years after ESN Germany’s founding, the idea of establishing an alumni association came into being at the 2010 National Platform in Karlsruhe. This idea addressed two issues: enabling former ESN members to stay in touch and transferring valuable knowledge and experience to the next generation.

Soon after, a few former National Board members and ESN veterans came together to turn this idea into reality: they laid its legal foundations, drafted its statutes and voted in new association’s very first board.

Since then, ESN Alumni Deutschland e.V. has been a registered non-profit association based in Bochum. More information about the Alumni can be found on their own website

Membership in the Alumni Association is €40 for those of us who are gainfully employed. For everyone else, including students, trainees, doctoral students and those still looking for a job, membership costs €20. Click here for the application form for joining ESN Alumni Deutschland e.V. We look forward to hearing from you!