The SocialErasmus Award Germany 2015 is an award for the best SocialErasmus activity during this year. 

In cooperation with our national partner FlixBus we want to reward the ESN members who organized the activities as well as the international students who took part. At our National Platform in Jena (21.-24.01.2016) the winner was awarded and received their prize which was offered by FlixBus. 

The awarded activity is 'Making Lanterns with Refugee Children for St. Martin´s Parade' of ESN Frankfurt am MainWith the activity they shared a German tradition: On 11th of november we celebrate Saint Martin’s Day to honour his commitment for poor people and children. In cooperation with 'The Second Planet' ESN members and their Internationale students made lanterns with refugee children and their parents.  Further they offered face painting for the kids. A few days later they joined the lantern procession alltogether.

Generally in 2015 ESN members organized 96 SocialErasmus activities in Germany. There was a great variety of activities: For example there were games-afternoons in refugee camps, wheelchair basketball, baking with children, charity cake sales, cross-generational afternoons in elderly homes, Erasmus in Schools, walking with dogs of the animal shelter and many other activities.