ESNsurvey 2019 is the 13th edition of the traditional surveys that has started since 2005 made by the ESNsurvey team in order to explore current issues connected to academic and non-academic mobility and education.


It is supported by the European Commission and is disseminated in collaboration with 39 countries of the Erasmus Student Network, whose sections are present at more than 1000 Higher Education Institutions around Europe.

This edition covers the topics of Erasmus students and their sense of citizenship in political, civil and social actions. How changed are the lives of these students after their exchanges? What is the impact of Erasmus+ in students who through the programme have the opportunity to meet new cultures, new friends, live in an international environment?

With the questionnaire we aim at understanding the difference between these students and those who never had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ Programme. Our research is going to focus on the impact of the abroad experience in the participation of international students in society. Does going abroad make students more engaged at a political, civil, and social level? What are the particular aspects of active citizenship gained through the abroad experience? Does this have an impact on their opinion about the European Union, as the entity that finances the Erasmus+ Programme? And on their voting behaviour? How do these elements interact with each other? The findings obtained through the Questionnaire are published and will be used as recommendations to all stakeholders involved in student mobility. The previous ESNsurvey Reports can be found at  and we invite you to read the key findings.


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